Source code for spinn_utilities.citation.citation_updater_and_doi_generator

# Copyright (c) 2018-2019 The University of Manchester
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

import yaml
import io
import requests
import zipfile
import unicodedata
import os
from time import strptime

CITATION_FILE_DATE_FIELD = "date-released"

ZENODO_METADATA = 'metadata'
ZENODO_PRE_RESERVED_DOI = "prereserve_doi"
ZENODO_FILE = "file"

AUTHOR_AFFILIATION = "affiliation"
AUTHOR_ORCID = "orcid"
IDENTIFIER = 'identifier'

class _ZenodoException(Exception):
    """ Exception from a call to Zenodo.

    def __init__(self, operation, expected, request):
            "don't know what went wrong. got wrong status code when trying "
            "to {}. Got error code {} (when expecting {}) with response "
            "content {}".format(
                operation, request.status_code, expected, request.content))
        self.request = request
        self.expected = expected

class _Zenodo(object):
    """ Manages low level access to Zenodo.

    # pragma: no cover
    __slots__ = ("__zenodo_token", )

    _BASE_URI = ""
    _DEPOSIT_GET_URL = _BASE_URI + "/deposit/depositions"
    _DEPOSIT_PUT_URL = _BASE_URI + "/deposit/depositions/{}/files"
    _PUBLISH_URL = _BASE_URI + "/deposit/depositions/{}/actions/publish"
    _CONTENT_TYPE = "Content-Type"
    _JSON = "application/json"
    _ACCESS_TOKEN = 'access_token'
    _RELATED_IDENTIFIERS = 'related_identifiers'

    def __init__(self, token):
        self.__zenodo_token = token

    def _json(r):
            return r.json()
        except Exception:  # pylint: disable=broad-except
            return None

    def get_verify(self, related):
        r = requests.get(
            params={self._ACCESS_TOKEN: self.__zenodo_token,
                    self._RELATED_IDENTIFIERS: related},
            json={}, headers={self._CONTENT_TYPE: self._JSON})
        if r.status_code != self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_GET:
            raise _ZenodoException(
                "request a DOI", self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_GET, r)
        return self._json(r)

    def post_create(self, related):
        r =
            params={self._ACCESS_TOKEN: self.__zenodo_token,
                    self._RELATED_IDENTIFIERS: related},
            json={}, headers={self._CONTENT_TYPE: self._JSON})
        if r.status_code != self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_POST:
            raise _ZenodoException(
                "get an empty upload", self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_POST, r)
        return self._json(r)

    def post_upload(self, deposit_id, data, files):
        r =
            params={self._ACCESS_TOKEN: self.__zenodo_token},
            data=data, files=files)
        if r.status_code != self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_POST:
            raise _ZenodoException(
                "to put files and data into the preallocated DOI",
                self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_POST, r)
        return self._json(r)

    def post_publish(self, deposit_id):
        r =
            params={self._ACCESS_TOKEN: self.__zenodo_token})
        if r.status_code != self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_PUBLISH:
            raise _ZenodoException(
                "publish the DOI", self._VALID_STATUS_REQUEST_PUBLISH, r)
        return self._json(r)

[docs]class CitationUpdaterAndDoiGenerator(object): def __init__(self): self.__zenodo = None
[docs] def update_citation_file_and_create_doi( self, citation_file_path, doi_title, create_doi, publish_doi, previous_doi, zenodo_access_token, module_path): """ Take a CITATION.cff file and updates the version and \ date-released fields, and rewrites the ``CITATION.cff`` file. :param str citation_file_path: File path to the ``CITATION.cff`` file :param bool create_doi: Whether to use Zenodo DOI interface to grab a DOI :param str zenodo_access_token: Access token for Zenodo :param bool publish_doi: Whether to publish the DOI on Zenodo :param str previous_doi: DOI to append the created DOI to :param str doi_title: Title for the created DOI :param str module_path: Path to the module to zip up :param bool update_version: Whether we should update the citation version """ self.__zenodo = _Zenodo(zenodo_access_token) # data holders deposit_id = None # read in YAML file with open(citation_file_path, 'r', encoding="utf-8") as stream: yaml_file = yaml.safe_load(stream) # if creating a DOI, go and request one if create_doi: doi_id, deposit_id = self._request_doi(previous_doi) yaml_file[IDENTIFIER] = doi_id # rewrite citation file with updated fields with, 'w', encoding='utf8') as outfile: yaml.dump(yaml_file, outfile, default_flow_style=False, allow_unicode=True) # if creating a DOI, finish the request and possibly publish it if create_doi: self._finish_doi( deposit_id, publish_doi, doi_title, yaml_file[CITATION_FILE_DESCRIPTION], yaml_file, module_path)
def _request_doi(self, previous_doi): """ Go to zenodo and requests a DOI :param str previous_doi: the previous DOI for this module, if exists :return: the DOI id, and deposit id :rtype: tuple(str, str) """ # create link to previous version (if applicable) related = list() related.append({ ZENODO_RELATION_FIELD: ZENODO_NEWER_VERSION_OF, IDENTIFIER: previous_doi}) # get a request for a DOI self.__zenodo.get_verify(related) # get empty upload request_data = self.__zenodo.post_create(related) # get DOI and deposit id doi_id = unicodedata.normalize( 'NFKD', (request_data[ZENODO_METADATA][ZENODO_PRE_RESERVED_DOI] [ZENODO_DOI_VALUE])).encode('ascii', 'ignore') deposition_id = request_data[ZENODO_DEPOSIT_ID] return doi_id, deposition_id def _finish_doi( self, deposit_id, publish_doi, title, doi_description, yaml_file, module_path): """ Finishes the DOI on zenodo :param str deposit_id: the deposit id to publish :param bool publish_doi: whether we should publish the DOI :param str title: the title of this DOI :param str doi_description: the description for the DOI :param yaml_file: the citation file after its been read it :param module_path: the path to the module to DOI """ zipped_file = None try: zipped_file = self._zip_up_module(module_path) with open(zipped_file, "rb") as zipped_open_file: files = {ZENODO_FILE: zipped_open_file} data = self._fill_in_data(title, doi_description, yaml_file) self.__zenodo.post_upload(deposit_id, data, files) finally: if zipped_file: os.remove(zipped_file) # publish DOI if publish_doi: self.__zenodo.post_publish(deposit_id) def _zip_up_module(self, module_path): """ Zip up a module :param str module_path: the path to the module to zip up :return: the filename to the zip file """ if os.path.isfile(''): os.remove('') avoids = [".git", ".gitignore", ".gitattributes", ".travis.yml", ".github", "model_binaries", "common_model_binaries", ".coveragerc", ".idea"] with zipfile.ZipFile( '', 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED) as module_zip_file: self._zip_walker(module_path, avoids, module_zip_file) return '' @staticmethod def _zip_walker(module_path, avoids, module_zip_file): """ Traverse the module and its subdirectories and only adds to the \ files to the zip which are not within a avoid directory that. :param str module_path: the path to start the search at :param set(str) avoids: the set of avoids to avoid :param ~zipfile.ZipFile module_zip_file: the zip file to put into """ for directory_path, _, files in os.walk(module_path): for directory_name in directory_path.split(os.sep): if directory_name in avoids: break else: for potential_zip_file in files: # if safe to zip, zip if potential_zip_file not in avoids: module_zip_file.write( os.path.join(directory_path, potential_zip_file)) @staticmethod def _fill_in_data(doi_title, doi_description, yaml_file): """ Add in data to the Zenodo metadata :param str doi_title: the title of the DOI :param str doi_description: the description of the DOI :param dict yaml_file: the citation file once read into the system :return: dict containing zenodo metadata :rtype: dict """ # add basic meta data metadata = { ZENODO_METADATA_TITLE: doi_title, ZENODO_METATDATA_DESC: doi_description, ZENODO_METADATA_CREATORS: [] } # get author data from the citation file for author in yaml_file[CITATION_AUTHORS_TYPE]: author_data = { ZENODO_AUTHOR_NAME: ( author[CITATION_AUTHOR_SURNAME] + ", " + author[CITATION_AUTHOR_FIRST_NAME]) } if AUTHOR_AFFILIATION in author: author_data[AUTHOR_AFFILIATION] = author[AUTHOR_AFFILIATION] if AUTHOR_ORCID in author: author_data[AUTHOR_ORCID] = author[AUTHOR_ORCID] metadata[ZENODO_METADATA_CREATORS].append(author_data) return {ZENODO_METADATA: metadata}
[docs] @staticmethod def convert_text_date_to_date( version_month, version_year, version_day): """ Convert the 3 components of a date into a CFF date :param version_month: version month, in text form :type version_month: str or int :param int version_year: version year :param int version_day: version day of month :return: the string representation for the cff file :rtype: str """ return "{}-{}-{}".format( version_year, CitationUpdaterAndDoiGenerator.convert_month_name_to_number( version_month), version_day)
[docs] @staticmethod def convert_month_name_to_number(version_month): """ Convert a python month in text form to a number form :param version_month: the text form of the month :type version_month: str or int :return: the month int value :rtype: int :raises: Exception when the month name is not recognised """ if isinstance(version_month, int): return version_month elif isinstance(version_month, str): try: return int(version_month) except ValueError as original: try: return strptime(version_month, "%B").tm_mon except ValueError: try: return strptime(version_month, "%b").tm_mon except ValueError: # pragma: no cover raise Exception("Value {} not recognised as a month" .format(version_month)) from original else: # pragma: no cover raise Exception("Value {} not recognised as a month".format( version_month))